Pray for Your Pastors

When is the last time you prayed for your pastor? The spiritual warfare they face is just as real (if not more so) as it is for the rest of us.

Covering a Friend Who Just Got Saved

It’s a joyful occasion when a friend or family member gets saved. How do you pray for them?

A Parent’s Prayer

As a parent (or step-parent) your child is the most precious thing. This prayer is asking God to teach you how to nurture and teach them in the best way.

How To Make Anti-Cough Juice

A simple juice recipe for when you or our child have a cough. Won’t replace medicine, but it can soothe your throat.

Goals for the New Year

My goals for 2018: will I write a new book? What do I have in store for the blog and future projects?

Praying Against Gossip on the Job

If you have co-workers and/or managers spreading lies that could damage your reputation and cost you your livelihood, this prayer is for you.