How To Make Anti-Cough Juice

A simple juice recipe for when you or our child have a cough. Won’t replace medicine, but it can soothe your throat.

Goals for the New Year

My goals for 2018: will I write a new book? What do I have in store for the blog and future projects?

Praying Against Gossip on the Job

If you have co-workers and/or managers spreading lies that could damage your reputation and cost you your livelihood, this prayer is for you.

Signs You Need to Be Still

Praying is necessary. Serving is mandatory. In the midst of all this doing, there comes a time when we need to be still.

Binding Limitations

Whatever your limitation is, you can bind it in the name of Jesus. You don’t have to accept it. God will elevate you.

A Kingdom Mindset

This is what it means to live a life of worship. In everything, we should see God.

Prayer for Accountability Partners

When we’re wrong, we need to be able to accept correction (Matthew 18:15). Accountability partners are important to spiritual growth.

Armor for the Kingdom

As believers WE are the church. Cover your church, family, friends, loved ones and the body of Christ as a whole with this prayer.

Accepting the Unknown

Uncertainty is never comfortable. This prayer is for those times when you’re having trouble in trusting the Lord with all your heart.

Praying the Armor (Pt.2)

Spiritual warfare is all around us. Pray the armor of God to cover yourself and people you know.

Relaxing Milk Bath

Vegan friendly, relaxing milk bath! Follow these simple steps to make a milk bath at home.