Prayer for Your Love

Like most women, I could go on and on about why my hubby is the best man ever. I learn more everyday that being married doesn’t mean you need to stop praying. It means you need to pray a lot harder. God loves marriage, meaning the devil hates it.

I’m more than grateful for the love that my husband and I share. It makes me happy to think that others have the same connection that we have. This is a prayer to keep that love strong.

P.S. I’m about half-way through my marriage devotional, “Fighting for Your Marriage.” If you’re interested, you can learn more here.

Dear Lord,

I want to thank You for loving me enough to bring me my husband. Our connection brings me so much joy. Our love is almost too amazing to describe. This type of companionship is deeper than anything I could have imagined. I thank You for the gift of marriage.

I pray that my husband and I continue to grow together and love one another more with each passing day. Teach me to love my husband with forgiveness, kindness and temperance. Replace pride and anger with the joy and peace of Your Holy Spirit. Know my heart and remove anything that would give the enemy place in my marriage.

In Jesus’s name,


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