A Prayer Protecting Your Home

Heavenly Father,

I thank You for my home. It’s a luxury that many people don’t have. I’m more than grateful to You for providing for me and my family. I’m so thankful that it’s sound. We have a roof over our heads, we have utilities to keep warm and clean.

I thank You that we can sleep peacefully knowing that our dwelling is safe. No evil can come near us. No harm can come near this home. That’s why my household serves you, Yahweh. I exult your name above all else in this home.

I pray, Lord, that You know our hearts. Don’t let us go to bed angry or bitter with one another. Reveal anything that would give the enemy place in this home and remove it. Replace all anger, un-forgiveness, sorrow, worry and anxiety and replace it with the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit.

I plead the blood of Jesus over every door, every window, every open space, every pipe, every vent, every wire, every line of communication (known and unknown). I plead the blood of Jesus over my spouse, over myself, over our children. We will not fear the terror by night or day because You promised that nothing will come near us.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Photo by Roberto Nikson at Unsplash


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