How To Make Your Conditioner Better


I can’t be the only one out there with picky hair. I’ve been searching for the right deep conditioner for months and months. Most deep conditioners don’t give me the lasting moisture and shine that I’m looking for in a deep treatment. Many times they make my hair feel like straw. No one wants that. Like any self-respecting crafty person, I decided to make my own.

Don’t panic, this post isn’t about emulsifiers, preservatives or expensive oils (unless they’re the kind of recipes you want to see). Find a simple, instant conditioner with decent ingredients. The one I found was $6 for a 33 oz bottle. My whole family uses it, and it seems to serve us well.

Here are three ways you can make an inexpensive conditioner better.

Make it a clarifying conditioner.

Clarifying conditioners (also known as co-washes) are conditioners with cleansing agents. The great thing about these conditioners is that they remove some dirt and buildup without stripping it completely. Though you shouldn’t rely on them for a deep cleaning, they’re good for dry hair.

To make your instant conditioner clarifying, add shampoo or a liquid body soap. I recommend an all-natural soap like Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. If you’re someone (like me) who doesn’t like a lot of chemicals in your products, I highly recommend the Dr. Bronner’s brand.

Make it a deep conditioner.

The difference between instant conditioners and deep conditioners (or hair masques) is ingredients. Deep conditioners typically have more “good stuff” in them. Meaning, they’ll have ingredients (proteins, vitamins, etc.) that will provide nutrients to your hair. Instant conditioners are meant to give you a little extra moisture and softness. While deep conditioners can be used as instant conditioners, the reverse isn’t really that beneficial.

You can make your instant conditioner into a deep conditioner by adding a few goodies! Add natural carrier oils (avocado oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, the list goes on).  Many carrier oils naturally have vitamins that are great for your hair and scalp. You can add carrier oils for added vitamins and/or protien.

Other additives like aloe vera and vitamin e are also easy to find online. I often add vitamin E to my instant conditioner to for the added benefits.

Add some fragrance.

Please, do not spray your perfume into your conditioner. The alcohol content will dry your hair out. Add a few drops of essential or fragrance oil. Essential oils like rosemary, lavender and tea tree have awesome benefits for hair and scalp health. They smell quite lovely as well.

Fragrance oils can be found online or in a craft store. Many fragrance oils contain natural and synthetic ingredients. The safest fragrances are going to be phtalate-free.

How do you like mix up your conditioners at home? Leave a comment below!

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash


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