How To Make Printable Handwriting Pages

I noticed my step-baby beginning to recognize letters. So, I thought, “now is a good time to start practicing.” Instead of buying a handwriting tablet, you can actually print handwriting pages at home in Microsoft Word. Don’t worry, I have screenshots. 😉


I have Microsoft 2016. Your version may look different, but follow the steps using the functions you know. First, open Word. Search for “lined paper.” When you hit “Enter,” you’ll get some pre-made templates.


Choose the “Handwriting practice paper” template. It gives you a little preview. Hit “Create.”



If you’re a teacher or want your child’s name at the top of the page (like the above image) skip this step. If you delete the name and date text, you’re gonna have an extra, blank line. I tried deleting it, but to no avail. Ultimately, I was fine with it.


Now, for the fun stuff! Add a picture for the letter you’re teaching.



A dialog box should pop up. If you have Word 2016, it will look like the one below. I searched “apple” because I wanted to start with “A.” I chose the apple illustration on the second row so my little one could color it.

You don’t have to make coloring handwriting pages, but your child may learn better by interacting with the letter and associating it with something familiar. My two-year-old step-son happens to LOVE apples. Because he can easily say and identify apples, I’m teaching him that “a is for apple.” Learning and recognizing the letter will be a lot easier.

Back to the tutorial…

Choose a picture you’re happy with, and click “Insert.”



From here, you can size the image.


You’ll notice in the above image that the graphic pushes the lines down. To remedy that, you’ll want to put the graphic in front of the text. Before the next steps, make sure your graphic is selected (has the little box around it).



Now, let’s add some Word Art. Find the “Insert” tab and click the “Word Art” button in your program. My suggestion would be to use a very basic font. It will make the letters easier to imitate and recognize somewhere else.

Font is a personal preference. Be as basic or as fancy as you want. These handwriting pages are totally customizable!




Just like with the graphic, you’ll want your word Word Art selected for the next steps. Now, you can format your letters. Again, I want my step-son to be able to color them. If you want the same, just follow my example.


This changes the outline color and weight.


This changes the fill color(s). I chose “No Fill.”


From here, just change your text size and drag your letters to wherever you want them. If you want to see how mine turned out, hop on over to my Instagram page. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below, or ask away on Instagram.

Happy Handwriting!

Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash


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