Covering a Friend Who Just Got Saved

Your friend or loved one just received Christ. Praise God! It’s a joyful occasion and God will start to do wonderful things in their life. On the other side, the enemy is now upset and will try to shake their faith. When a family member or friend gets saved, it’s imperative to cover them fervently in prayer!

Cover them with the armor. Ask God to tighten their helmet of salvation. Call on God to ensure that it blocks negativity, temptation and accusations that the devil and his demons will whisper to them. Pray that the breastplate of righteousness keeps their heart in the right place. The heart determines the path. Pray that under the guard of righteousness, their hearts begin to love righteousness.




Bind and rebuke all weapons. No weapon formed shall prosper, but weapons will be formed. Weapons will be fired. In the name of Jesus, they won’t discourage or break this person.

Cover their homes and families. God promises that the enemy’s fiery arrows won’t come near them (Psalm 91:7) or their dwelling (Psalm 91:10). Claim this promise over who you know and their home and family as well. The devil is crafty about attacking people around us to shake our faith. Don’t let this happen.

Thank God for His love, mercy and protection. Thank Him for providing them a shield through their faith. Praise Him in knowing that your loved one will have a blissful eternity. Bless Him because they saw another day and were able to make the choice to follow Him.

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