How to Pray Powerful Prayers

This post is inspired by a page I follow on Instagram. The page owner apologized for their absence and said that they had been going through some things. They asked for prayers. I was delighted to pray for this friend.

They responded to my prayer in the comments with “Wow! I wish I could pray like you.” The truth is, there is nothing super special about me. Like many of you, I’m a Mi Mi (step-mom). I’m a wife. What makes my prayers powerful is my faith.

I’ll share with you all like I shared with this person, the key to powerful prayer is scripture. Remember God’s promises in scripture, and speak them over your situation. God’s will, God’s authority covers whatever is happening. Demons must obey. I’m not stopping or rebuking anything. The Almighty is, and I believe that.

No matter the gravity of the situation, leave it to the Almighty. Don’t just think, but know that God always keeps him promises. Let your faith in Him be your security.



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