Another Prayer for our Children

When I wrote my first prayer on this blog or even my eBook, I wasn’t a Mi Mi yet. Now that I have a step-baby, I realize more and more everyday the importance of covering him in prayer. None of us (me, my husband, his mother) can be around 100% of the time. Outside influences (school, church, sports teams, teachers, classmates, etc.) are a part of life. With the world rapidly changing, I realize that he’s going to be exposed to things that I want to protect him from.

As parents (step-parents included) we have a heavy charge to care for these tiny, developing minds. That is why I wrote this prayer:


I’m lifting my child up to You. I know that I can’t protect my child from everything. With each passing day, the world around them changes exponentially. As more things are accepted and normalized, the more my child grows up to be influenced by.

I pray, Lord, that You guard my child. Clothe them with Your full armor, Lord. My household serves You, but the world does not. I pray that my child doesn’t become what the world wants them to be. I pray that they continue to walk Your path. Guard their hearts not to love what the world loves.

I claim Your promise that a thousand will fall at their side and ten thousand at their right hand, but it won’t come near them. I pray that they don’t fear letting their faith be known. I pray that you protect them physically, mentally and spiritually.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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