A Prayer for Newlyweds

As a newlywed, this is super relevant to me. Even in our short time (4 months to the day) of being married, we’ve faced our fair amount of obstacles. They’ve done nothing to affect our love for one another. If our marriage wasn’t ordained by God, it would be in trouble.


Every seasoned couple was a newlywed couple once. No two marriages will be the same, but all marriages have a common enemy. He’s out to destroy anything that God loves. To quote my step-mother (a minister and married 15 years) “What does God call us? His bride.”

Marriage is God’s idea. It’s a way that we can experience how unconditionally He loves and serves his church. With that in mind, it’s imperative to guard your marriage. I leave all my fellow newlyweds with this prayer:

Dear Lord,

We give You glory, honor and praise for the gift of marriage. You are love, and You gave us love in the form of a loving spouse. It’s unfathomable that even that love can’t touch Your love for us. We love You for loving us that deeply and unconditionally.

We lift our marriage up to You. May You bless us to live joyfully. Teach us, Lord, to love one another with Your patience and kindness. Even in arguments, no matter how small or heated, show us how to love with the temperance of the Holy Spirit. Remind us not to keep record of wrongs or hold on to anger.

Give us the helmet of salvation to block lust and doubt between us. Guard our hearts against divisive spirits that try to come between this marriage that You have ordained. Let no one come between us.

Thank You, Father, for providing for and protecting us. We stand firmly on Your promises. We hold on to to convenient we’ve made not only to each other, but to You as well.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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