The Best Way to Photograph Kids

Your kids are your favorite subject. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re the cutest in the world. The problem…they just don’t sit still. It’s so frustrating. You see a beautiful moment, and then they move before you can focus. Totally get it! Follow these tips to capture heart-warming images your family will love for a lifetime.

Go outside. Bright, sunny weather makes kids want to run and play. Awesome sauce! Go with them, and bring your camera. You’ll be capturing them where they’re most comfortable. When you upload the images, you won’t be sorry.

If you’re snapping just for fun or to display at home, they don’t need to be technically perfect. I’m well aware that broad daylight creates harsh shadows. There are some shadows in this image. They’re virtually unnoticeable because of the joy radiating from the photo. Choose the images that speak to you rather than ones with perfect exposure.

Flying with Daddy

Do something. Most photographers are master posers. I’m not that kind of photographer (unless the subject is inanimate). Instead, I plan an outing and make a photo shoot out of it. This is probably the best advice I could give a hobbyist or “just for the house” photographer.

Do something your family enjoys doing together; the results will melt your heart. You’ll capture real emotion. That’s irreplaceable in family photography.


Make them laugh. If you do something silly, you get them to laugh and smile genuinely. Even better, they might do something silly back. You’ll have a piece of that happiness for years to come.

Aaron's Face

When is your next family outing? If you found these tips helpful, I’d love to see them on Instagram.



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