How To Make Anti-Cough Juice

It’s winter; my step-baby has been in daycare a few months (I can hear grumblings of sympathetic mommies and mi-mis).  Needless to say, he’s got a little cough. Little guy’s mom told me about an all-natural cough syrup she found. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of it or where you can get it. While telling us about it, she named some of the ingredients (ginger, honey, zinc and other added vitamins). This all-natural cough medicine is around $15.

I decided that I could make something similar for way less. In fact, when he was sick a few months ago, I was able to soothe his cough with honey and water. So, when Hubby Bunny and I went to the store, I picked up some ginger tea. I brewed a simple concoction  that did wonders for little guy’s cough. Even better, it costs around $5.

How do you make it?

Add 1 tablespoon of honey to a mug. No need to be super precise. I grab a spoon from the drawer to measure this. Adding the honey to the mug first helps it dissolve better.

Honey Drizzling


Brew the tea. I do this with my Keurig, but however you brew tea at your house is perfectly fine. With my Keurig, I dispense 10 oz of hot water. It gives instant tea a whole new meaning!

Lemon Ginger Tea

Stir. Leave the tea bag in while you stir. It allows your tea to steep and lets the honey dissolve as it does so. Honestly, this step only takes a few seconds.

Discard the tea bag. 

Add your tea to cold apple juice. Add ice if you want it extra cold. Don’t overthink the amounts of each. You can do half & half or whatever your heart desires.

Adults can drink anti-cough juice too! It’s actually really good. Little guy loved it! The best part (depending on your apple juice brand) is that there isn’t a lot of added sugar. Win-win! This won’t replace medicine or a doctor’s visit if needed, but it will give some relief to a cough or sore throat.

Tell me about some of your cough remedies! Leave me a comment, or connect with me on Instagram.


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