DIY Photo Mat Gift


Remember when you were younger? Your parents would give you money, drive you to a store and you would buy a gift for your other parent or grandparent? I had my first brush with being on the parent side of that. It was beyond precious. My step-son’s mother has a birthday soon.

There’s nothing more precious to a mom (or a mi mi) than her little one. This DIY is the perfect gift to give “from the baby.” It’s super inexpensive and completely customizable.

All you need is a frame, some paint, plastic bags and a photo print.

DIY Mat Frame Supplies

Oh yeah…you may also want a little craft partner.

Craft Helper

I apologize for the terrible lighting in these photos. When we made this gift, we’d been having freezing rain for days.

First, remove the frame mat and put it over your plastic bags. I ripped the shopping bag my supplies came in. No need to waste trash bags.

DIy Mat Frame and Paint

A paint tube is the easiest way to get paint in your child’s hands with minimal mess. At least, that was my experience with my busy little two-year-old. Squeeze a dollop of paint into their palm and rub their hands together.

Silver Paint in Hand

Now that their tiny hands are nice and smeared, gently press their hands around the mat border. Don’t over-think it. It’s okay if some hand prints are incomplete and look a little different. It makes the project more organic (like the little one made it).

Hand Print Frame Mat DIY

Set the mat to the side (out of little one’s reach) and allow it to dry. I let mine dry overnight before framing it because there were some globs of silver that took longer than the thinner layers.

Viola! You have a custom matted photo for…anyone. Grandparents will love it too!

DIY Photo Mat

If you loved this DIY, let me know in the comments. If you try it, reach out to me on Instagram. I’m looking forward to seeing your creations!


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