Goals for the New Year

Scents of Grace has been MIA for quite some time. I have reasons for its absence and makeovers, but God has led me back to it. This blog is a big part of my goals for this coming year. I’m super excited to see what God has planned for me and my family.

Photograph more. I use a lot of stock photography. I’m sure I’ll continue to use it, but my goal is to use my own photography more often. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific number for “more often.”

sunrise with signature

Photography is relaxing for me; I love doing it. As a creative outlet, it does a lot for me mentally. Blogging is a good reason to shoot more and play with my new lens (an early birthday gift from Hubby Bunny).

Get back in shape. To be specific, I plan to work out 4 days per week and cut back on the carbs. Lately, I’ve been doing a little better on the latter, but still…

Get through my reading list. As of now, there are only a few books on that list, so this one should be fairly easy. Of course, reviews will be on the blog. Stay tuned for that. 😉

Publish a book. I’m going where God leads. I’ve started working on a book, but a lot of the details I’m still unsure about.

Minimize my wardrobe. Looking at this as a fashionable challenge, my goal is to create a capsule wardrobe. I’m limiting myself to 30 functional pieces that I can mix and match.

Never miss a coffee date! I’ve gotten a kick in the rear to be more intentional about my time with God. In fact, that’s what inspired the book. I began having coffee dates with the Father. These times have been incredibly rewarding. They’ve allowed me to experience an intimate friendship with God that I never had before.

Do you have any goals for the 2018? I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment or connect with me on Instagram.



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