Signs You Need to Be Still

Being still is something that many Christians undervalue. Praying is necessary. Serving is mandatory. In the midst of it all, there comes a time when we need to be still. Being still is listening. Being still is resting. There is a serenity in being still.

You’re overwhelmed.

Work is piling up. Your home life is hectic. You never have a minute to sit down. You barely have time to sleep. You’re snapping at people you love because life is just too much! If I’m talking to you, this is a sign that you just need to be still. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and over-stressed.

Talk to the Lord about taking some things off your shoulders (Matthew 11:28-30). He can make a way out of no way to help you find balance.

[The Beauty of Being Still]

You need clarity.

Have you gotten a vision from the Lord, and you just aren’t sure of the steps you need to take? Let Him guide you. When you begin walking in your assignment, you will face spiritual warfare.

This can come in the form of obstacles, unfortunate events, toxic people, the list goes on. You’re going to need clarity and wisdom to get through all of these things. Being still is the way you can receive answers, comfort and instruction from God.

You’re going through something.

Things like loss of a loved one or getting laid off from a job are easy to understand. They can cause sever emotional roller coasters. It’s normal to feel sad, depressed and hurt circumstances like this.

Sometimes your anxiety, depression or moodiness can’t be explained. If so, you’re being oppressed. Time with the Holy Spirit is the only way to get these condemning spirits off your back.

A huge transition is in your near future.

Are you starting a business? Will you be getting married soon? Do you have to relocate for a job or school? These are amazing blessings, but you’ll be entering a new chapter of life. You will be walking into a new situation and very possibly a new setting. They’re a big adjustment (so say the least).

It’s important to spend a great amount of time with the Holy Spirit before entering these new situations. Otherwise, you can quickly feel overwhelmed in the beginning of your new setting. Once that feeling that you’re drowning takes over, spirits of anxiety, stress and condemnation have an open door to your mind.

Start small. Take 10 minutes each day to pray and just sit quietly. Doing this consistently will allow the Holy Spirit to reach you. When you seek Him, you will find Him.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash




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